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222d Intelligence Support Squadron


The 222d Intelligence Support Squadron is located at Beale AFB, CA.

The mission of the 222d Intelligence Support Squadron is to maintain the electronic infrastructure and technical equipment for Distributed Ground Station-2, located at Beale AFB.

Be the technical experts in ISR communications and computer systems, with the ability to rapidly integrate and employ innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the USAF and the State of California.

Mission Statement:
Train, deploy, and employ our Airmen and assets to deliver Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance capabilities to the Combatant Commands and the Governor of California.

The 222d Intelligence Support Squadron began as the 222d Radio Relay Detachment attached to the 148th AC7W Squadron, Compton Air National Guard Station (ANGS). In May 1950 during the Korean Conflict, the entire squadron was mobilized and sent to a radar installation near Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. The unit remained there on active duty for 21 months. After returning from Oklahoma, the unit became a tenant unit at Compton ANGS and was assigned to the 252d Combat Communications Group located in the state of Washington. The 222d Radio Relay Squadron received its initial Federal Recognition on 5 January 1953.

In 1956, the unit was transferred to the city of Santa Ana, California and conducted operations in a renovated dining hall. On 23 September 1960, the unit was reorganized and assigned to the 162d Communications Group. The following year the squadron moved to the Lighter Than Air facility at Tustin Marine Air Corp Station, California. The unit moved to the newly constructed Costa Mesa ANG Station in 1964. In 1968, the squadron was designated as the 222d Mobile Communications Squadron (contingency) and subsequently as the 222d Combat Communications Squadron (contingency) in 1976.

The unit has a long tradition of outstanding performance.  The squadron received the Adjutant General's Outstanding Unit Award in 1969, 1979, 1982, 1985, and 1997. In 1964, it was the recipient of the National Guard Bureau's On-The-Job Unit Achievement Award. On 21 July 1972, the unit was awarded the AF Outstanding Unit Award as part of the 162d Combat Communications Group, covering the period from 1 January 1968 to 31 January 1969. In 1971 and 1972, the unit received the California State AF Association Outstanding Unit Award. And, in September 1978, it received the Governor's Outstanding Unit award. Over the course of many higher Headquarter inspections the unit has continually done well. To wit, the unit received EXCELLENT ratings in the AFCC ORI's in 1987, 1991, and 1993, and an OUTSTANDING rating in the 1997 ACC Operational Readiness Inspection. It has also received OUTSTANDING ratings in the 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1997, and 2004 COMSEC inspections.

Unit members mobilized individually in support of Operation DESERT SHIELD in August   1990   and   Operation DESERT STORM in January 1991.  They have also deployed in support of numerous operations and exercises including Operations SOUTHERN WATCH and DENY FLIGHT and Exercises TACTICAL FIGHTER WEAPONRY, AGILE PROVIDER and TEAM SPIRIT.  In 1996,  1998,  and  1999  the  unit  airlifted  equipment and  personnel  to locations  in Florida and South Korea to support deployed USMC members during Exercises INTERNAL LOOK and ULCHI FOCUS LENS. In 2001, in the aftermath of 9/11, the unit activated many of its members as a security detail assigned to the John Wayne Airport, in Orange County.  In 2003, the unit deployed members to an undisclosed location in the Middle East as part of the Air Expeditionary Force (AEF). In 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the unit again mobilized and went to Louisiana to provide security to the New Orleans International Airport.  In 2006, the unit answered the President's all for protecting our borders and sent unit members to participate in Operation JUMP START.

On 1 April 2008, the unit was redesignated as the 222d Intelligence Support Squadron and relocated to Beale AFB, California