195th Wing Resources

195th Wing Resources
When a person joins the Air Guard, Army Guard, Air Force Reserve or Army Reserve, they make a commitment to protect, honor and serve their country.

That commitment includes the possibility of mobilization whenever there's a need. 

There are four types of mobilization:

Selective Mobilization - response to natural disasters/civil disturbances that do not threaten national security.
Partial Mobilization - President mobilizes forces in response to external threats to national security.
Full Mobilization - Congress mobilizes all Reserve units in response to a declaration of war or national emergency.
Total Mobilization  - President and Congress activate the entire Armed Forces, as well as all national resources.

Personal readiness takes time and effort and it is your responsibility as a member of the military.

Info for Military Families

Entitlement programs:
Health, Life Insurance (service members' group life insurance), survivor benefit plan, commissary cards, etc...)
- TRICARE Military Health System
- Army and Air Force Exchange Service

A complete listing of all State HQs, Units and Personnel Directory, etc...
- Air National Guard Directory

Contact your Unit Staff Judge Advocate Officer (JAG)

- Air National Guard Directory

Resources and Information for Military Families. Specific information on local Family Support Programs is available at the local unit or State National Guard Headquarters:

- CA National Guard Ready Families Program
- Military Homefront
- National Military Family Association

Defense Finance and Accounting Service information on Military Pay Tables:
- Defense Finance Center Military Pay Chart

Information on laws protecting dependents from eviction and reduced interest rates on mortgages and credit cards, etc...
- Soldiers' and Sailors' Relief Act

Information on reserve employee rights in regards to activation and return to employment:
- Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

Call your local unit or log on to the American Red Cross Emergency Services:
- Red Cross Armed Forces Emergency Services

Freedom of Information

The FOIA allows the general public including foreign citizens, military and civilian personnel acting as private citizens, to request records electronically or in writing from the Federal Government. Read more...

Mission Readiness!

These documents, when properly prepared, will insure that you're ready for mobilization - today, tomorrow and forever.

- Personal Information
- Personal Documents
- Budget Worksheet
- Property Worksheet
- Sources of Help/Information
- In Case of Emergency
- Important Phone Numbers
- Checklists
- Home Security Checklist

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