148th Space Operations Squadron

The 148th Space Operations Squadron is located at Vandenberg AFB.

The mission of the 148th Space Operations Squadron is to operate the Air Force's protected MILSATCOM systems which provide the warfighter with communications during peacetime, and throughout the full spectrum of conflict.

Be the California Air National Guards premier satellite command and control unit providing at a moments notice, unequaled expertise in satellite operations and user support around the globe.

ANG space and cyberspace professionals operating the Air Force's premier protected MILSATCOM system, providing the NCA/COCOMs 24/7 communication capability during peacetime and through all levels of conflict (Global, Secure, Survivable, Strategic, Tactical). In time of emergency, by order of the Governor of California, provide military support to civil authorities to the CA JFHQ Operations Center/Command and Control and JISCC/Cyberspace support.