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148th Space Operations Squadron


The 148th Space Operations Squadron is located at Vandenberg AFB.

The mission of the 148th Space Operations Squadron is to operate the Air Force's protected MILSATCOM systems which provide the warfighter with communications during peacetime, and throughout the full spectrum of conflict.

Mission Statement:
The 148th Space Operations Squadron mission is to provide survivable, enduring, critical essential command and control communications through all levels of conflict for the president, the Secretary of Defense, and war fighting combatant commanders worldwide.

Mission Information:
The 148th Space Operations Squadron has operated the $31 billion Milstar/AEHF system since 2001 executing communications management, satellite command and control, and ground segment maintenance for the Milstar/AEHF constellation. The multi-satellite constellation links command authorities to high priority U.S. forces via communications terminals on aircraft, ships, submarines, trucks and ground sites with encrypted voice, data, teletype or facsimile communications. The new AEHF satellites provide greater total capacity than the entire legacy five-satellite Milstar constellation. Individual user data rates will be increased five-fold, permitting transmission of tactical military communications, such as real-time video, battlefield maps and targeting data. In addition to its tactical mission, AEHF assures the critical protected communications links for national leaders, such as the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff, in all levels of conflict.