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149th Intelligence Squadron



149th Intelligence Squadron is located at Mather Airfield in Mather, CA.

The mission of the 149th Intelligence Squadron is to provide Air Combat Command with surge-to-war Cyber Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (Cyber ISR) capabilities through Digital Network Intelligence and provide Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) based all-source analysis in the cyber domain. In plain speak, Cyber ISR is the analysis of data that has been extracted through Computer Network Exploitation, and fused with multi-INT (SIGINT, Human Intelligence (HUMINT),Full Motion Video (FMV), etc capabilities.


Develop a cohesive intelligence team of elite Cyber-ISR professionals ready to serve both federal and state missions.


Organize, train, and equip Cyber-ISR leaders to provide intelligence in support of federal and state mission priorities​.


Team Culture​, Train to Expert​, Ready to Serve.