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  • 195th Wing Airman shines at exercise

    Senior Airman Nicholle Uhleman from the 234th Intelligence Squadron was awarded a Joint Service Certificate of Commendation for her efforts while participating in the joint exercise Bold Quest 20.2 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. Uhleman collaborated with NATO and joint service partners in the intelligence field.
  • 195th Wing Airmen cut through the smoke

    Beale Air Force Base, Calif. - As wildfires tear through Northern California threatening lives, homes and infrastructure, airmen from the California Air National Guard's 195th Wing use real time, high tech imagery provided by MQ-9 and RC-26 aircraft to cut through the heavy smoke. The airmen use their skills, often learned in battle, to help provide damage assessment and predictive analysis to assist those fighting the fires currently raging throughout the state.
  • JTF 115 J1: Providing manpower continuity in fight against COVID-19

    The front lines of the California National Guard Joint Task Force 115 response to COVID-19 includes supporting food banks, medical equipment logistics and operations of shelters. One team providing critical support from behind the scenes is the J1 section. They are the personnel tracking manpower, processing orders for state activations and ensuring individuals in the COVID-19 fight are taken care of while activated
  • JTF 115 J6: Keeping Guardsmen connected

    When humanitarian operations are happening at a statewide level, communication is key. California Air and Army National Guardsmen, who are maintaining communication capabilities for Joint Task Force 115 personnel around the state, are in the J6 section and tasked with providing broadband and radio communication to fellow guardsmen working at the headquarters and in the field.
  • Air Guardsman transitions to chapel to help others

    Life offers many changes some large, some small. Staff Sgt. Natali Avelino is in an ongoing transition into the 195th Wing Chaplain Corp of the California Air National Guard with her eyes set on continuing to help others and become a fully qualified religious affairs NCO.
  • Airman 3D prints straps to help healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic

    During the COVID-19 pandemic response in California, U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Matthew Meyer’s daily routine is consistent -- after a long day on Air National Guard duty, he heads straight to his garage where his 3D printer resides and produces ear savers for health care workers in his community.
  • Joint leaders bring their teams together to take on COVID-19 in California

    Since being called into action last month, Air National Guard Col. Douglas Hire, 195th Wing commander and Army National Guard Command Sgt. Maj. David Eckert, 115th Regional Support Group have brought their units together in the form of Joint Task Force 115, to combat COVID-19 in California by providing humanitarian support across the state.
  • The Space Force is with them – California Airmen stand-up the 234th Intelligence Squadron, Operating Location-A to serve the newest service branch – and they are looking to recruit

    California Airmen are taking intelligence capability to the highest frontier – space – by standing up a new operating location at Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, California. With the recent creation of the Space Force, the 234th Intelligence Squadron (IS) at Beale Air Force Base, is setting up shop in Southern California to play an important role in missions already in action.
  • JTF 115: California Guardsman join forces for COVID-19 response

    The COVID-19 pandemic is requiring an unprecedented response in the state of California. One key piece is Joint Task Force 115, which is leveraging and bridging the unique skill sets of two units to sustain state-wide food bank operations and medical supply chains.
  • American Dream: 195th Airman's Journey to Citizenship

    Griselda Gonzalez moved to the U.S. from Mexico when she was less than a year old. She joined the military in January 2019 with goal of obtaining her citizenship and eventually becoming an officer in the U.S. Air Force.“I want the opportunity to become an officer. That’s why I didn’t go the officer route, I had to go enlisted because you must be a