Another First for the California ANG

  • Published
  • By CMSgt Taber
  • 222CMXF
On February 20, 2009, another first occurred for the 162nd Combat Communications Group. During the 9th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron's Dedicated Crew Chief Ceremony here at Beale AFB, CA, TSgt Tim Brennan, 222nd Communications Maintenance Flight became the first ever Designated Crew Chief (DCC) for Global Hawk Mission Control Element #1204. (The 222 CMXF is a classic associate unit working with the 9th AMXS.) 

TSgt Brennan's demonstrated high level of expertise and abilities led the 9th AMXS to place this responsibility on Tim's shoulders. TSgt Brennan's responsibilities are the same as any other aircraft crew chief. DCCs manage and supervise all maintenance on their equipment. DCCs are selected on the basis of initiative, management and leadership ability, and technical knowledge. 

The Mission Control Element (MCE) is one of three parts which makeup the Global Hawk UAV: the RQ-4 aircraft, the MCE, and the Launch and Recovery Element. The MCE is in control of the aircraft during the majority of a mission and imagery collection. 

The 222CMXF and 162nd CCG are rightfully proud of TSgt Brennan's accomplishments and the confidence that the active Air Force personnel have placed in him.