162CCG Guardian Challenge Team Heads Out

  • Published
  • By CMSgt Jim Raff
  • Hq 162CCG
LET THE GAMES BEGIN!  With high hopes and great attitudes, the 162d Guardian Challenge team will depart for competition at Tinker AFB, OK on Friday, 16 April.  Up against two active duty Air Force and two Air National Guard teams, the 162CCG will compete for the title and recognition of the best combat communications group in the Air Force.  Despite limited training opportunity, a level of competitive spirit soars.

The team met for the second and last time over April UTA in San Diego, CA to train and review the criteria for the contest.  Strategy and tactics were discussed as well as how they could possible overcome teams with more training under their belts.  The consensus is experience and maturity will allow smarter competition.  Otherwise know as "brains, not brawn."

Competition begins 17 April and concludes 19 April.  Teams have not yet drawn team numbers and therefore do not know their competition schedule.  Weather is forecast to be wet and all events take place outside.  With a little luck, the 162CCG will draw a team schedule to match with the breaks in the rain and thunderstorms of Oklahoma.  Either way, there will be plenty of mud to cover the ABUs.

Good luck guys.