Wing Safety shifts focus to changing seasons

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Jeffrey Schultze
  • 195th Wing Public Affairs

Now that we find ourselves in the fall season and will soon be shifting to winter there are a wide variety of safety concerns to be aware of and plan for.

The 195th Wing Safety section provides an array of safety based services and training. One of those focus areas is seasonal safety for wing members.

“Fall offers far less visibility when driving due to decreased day light as well as the danger of driving on leaf covered roads,” said Senior Master Sgt. Erika Saunders, 195th Wing Safety superintendent. “We also find ourselves spending more time indoors with heating which can increase fire risks.”

Transitioning into winter in the near future wing members can encounter some unique challenges related to the season.

“The winter sports opportunities in the region offer unique safety concerns and considerations such as wearing the right protective gear as well as planning for the associated weather conditions,” said Sarah Mesina, 195th Wing Safety occupational safety manager.

The safety section would like to let the wing know that they are working to keep them safe year round whether that is in the workplace or outside of it.

“We want to be proactive so we keep everyone in the wing safe. This includes being compliant with safety standards and making sure commanders are in the know and have their fingers on the pulse of what their folks are doing out there,” said Saunders. “It allows us to identify trends that are both local and throughout the wing that can be used to improve overall safety.“

For Saunders safety is a continual process and requires consistent situational awareness and wing safety are here to help with maintaining that awareness.

“If you have to stop and wonder if what you are doing is an unsafe? You probably want to stop and take a pause and evaluate the situation.”

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