195th Wing participates in ANG Home Station Readiness Training

  • Published
  • By Tech Sgt. Joseph Courtney
  • 195th Wing Public Affairs

Force Support airmen from around the Air National Guard participated in Home Station Readiness training, July 25 – 30, 2021, at the 152nd Airlift Wing, Reno Air National Guard Base, Nevada.

The intent of Home Station Readiness training is for Force Support members to prepare for state and federal missions or in the event of a deployment. The airmen completed several blocks of training, including establishing a Unit Command Center, radio etiquette, mortuary, shelters, and search and recovery. 

Search and recovery featured teams forming a straight line with a team leader prompting them to step together. If nothing is found where they have stepped and all is clear and they proceed together until something is found. 

Senior Master Sergeant Christopher Shull, 195th Wing Services superintendent, said they preplaced objects in a field and had two teams walk a line to practice finding potential objects and tagging and bagging them. 

Each day the airmen separated to do block training in the various areas. Then at the end of the week everyone came together for a practical application and exercises testing what was learned. 

The Nevada Air National Guard provided a great location for the exercise being close to an airport and having enough remote space to simulate a deployed location. 

“This was the first one that the 152nd stepped up and they took the ball and they ran with it,” said Shull. “The 152nd are hoping to do this annually but are also hoping other units want to help make the program better.”

A total of 110 services members came to Reno from across the ANG to participate in the training, which is required  every 24 months to maintain proficiency. 

“This last week of training allowed me to get back into something I have a passion for, that is the readiness side of the house,” said Shull. “To be able to pass along my knowledge, to train and see the satisfaction I’m getting out of my students, that in the end is rewarding for me.